I wore a bikini to baby swim lessons….

Rise & Grind: AMRAP 20 mins – 10 push-ups, 10 KB swings, 10 squats, 30 Jumping jacks.

So last night was my very first mom/daughter thing. I signed us up for baby and me swim lessons. My daughter really doesn’t like water. Well, at least the bath anyway, so I was a little nervous going into last night. I was afraid I would be the mom with the screaming kid that was getting the, ‘control her’ looks.

Guess what?! That wasn’t me! My daughter loved the warm pool, splashed and had a ball! I was getting some looks though. I wore a bikini. For two reasons. 1. it is all I own at the moment. 2. When I was at my house putting it on, I felt like I looked dang good!

Then, I stepped out on the pool deck. three other moms all in one piece suits with shorts over the top of that! Did I miss the mom suit memo?!

I had a little inside freak out, all of their husbands were on the deck along with mine. “Are they looking at me”, “my husband likes my suit”, “Just get in the pool fast and no one will notice”, “OOOO, mom, Boobs! That means I get the grab them and eat”

Ya, so it was a little uncomfortable. Half of me was saying, “dang, I am glad I feel comfortable enough with my body to wear this”. The other half was more like, “Jeez,put on some clothes girl”.

5 more weeks of swim lessons. I think I am going to let the confident side shine through on this one. I am not ashamed to wear my bikini to baby swim lessons. I feel like it is a badge I have earned! I have worked to dang hard to act like I am not comfortable in my own skin!!

Happy Hump Day! Let your true soul shine through today!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. This is the story of my life. And it still happens and my baby girl is now 13!!! Really. I’m proud but have those moment of dressing fr the other less fit moms in my life.

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  2. I agree. You worked hard for your body and you should wear it! I was recently shown a video of a girl with a webcast talking about how girls are so hard on each other. Girls love to hate on girls. Her recommendation is if a girl is showing off her goods complement her and tell her that her hard work is paying off. No haters 🙂

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