Big reasons to keep working hard till Valentines Day!

Rise & Grind: Do each exercise for 20 sec, rest 10 for the duration of 4 mins. Rest 1 min. between each execise. KB Russian twist, glute pulses w/KB, Side lunges, Plank dips, KB Swings.

Can you believe it is already Thursday? I feel like this week is flying by. Soon it will be February and then VALENTINES DAY!

(Thanks for all the support on yesterday’s post. The bikini will stay! I have worked hard and I am going to rock it! Moms be nice to other moms).

Anyway, back to valentines day! Can you keep your resolution till valentines day? It is a good next tiny goal to keep you going. Imagine buying a nice new smaller sized dress and stepping out in that on the 14th! Or if you are married like me, maybe you can watch some netflix and chill in that nice dress while you feed the baby, do the dishes, and mop the floor! Sounds like a night i’ll never forget!

Ok, I have to give my husband some credit here, he has always made valentines day very nice for me! I probably won’t be mopping floors but still.

To the point: It is always nice to feel confident when there is an outing coming up. You will stand taller, hold your head higher, and likely have more fun if you are confident in your own body. If we can work our hind ends off until the big day, there is a higher chance of feeling like we are at our best.

Take it day by day. One healthy meal at a time. One trip to the gym. One at home workout. One self pep talk at a time. Each time you make a little victory like this you will boost your confidence. All it takes is one good choice to make a whole days worth of good choices, then a week, and a month!

Fitness. Food. Motivation. That’s what it takes!

Can you keep it up till the 14th?! Take a progress picture today & one again on Valentines day, on the 15th I am going to do a contest and have a big prize for whomever has made the most progress towards their goal!

Ready? Set? GO!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole




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  1. i can do it! Im with you girl! Let’s crush some calories today! girl fist pump or high five which ever is coolest!

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  2. palka-dot-blog says:

    This is so motivating! I am massively struggling with any motivation to go to the gym or eat well so thank you! xoxo

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    1. Glad I can help! Keep you your work, it will all be worth it in the end!


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