Rise & Grind: (Cards) Hearts: KB swings (x2), Diamonds:Jumping jacks (x3), Spades: Glute pulses w/weight (x2), Clubs: Plank leg raises.

So, yesterday I was a little down. Sorry about the ‘poor me’ post. I really am not looking for sympathy or a quick fix. This is my life, I have lived like this for 24 years now, I should be used to it! Truth is, I’m not. I am still learning each day. My soul knows where my passions lie, it is hard to change that. I know there is a way to be capable of breathing and riding, I just have to put in some hard work to figure it out! (And no steroids, more nebulizers, inhalers, or traditional dr. is not an option. They nearly killed me once, I am not doing that ever again).

That being said, my goal today is to be an overcomer, be a riser, be better than my lungs, be better than the voice that tells me no. As humans, where would we be if we never overcame? Think about that!

If I never overcame, I would be six feet under because an allergy would have killed me. Where would you be if you never overcame?

Most of us are still trying to overcome obstacle to reach our resolutions. Take a small step today towards that goal. What can you overcome in one day? What can you do to get you closer today? Take this Monday and turn it into a power day! Make this day set the tone for the entire week, make it a week of overcoming.

Be an overcomer today!

 I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful. I am an overcomer.


Anne Nicole


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