Having a Healthy & Motivational Home

Rise & Grind: 10 KB rows/side, 15/side side plank crunches, 10 KB tricep extensions, 10 Burpees (x4) Follow with this: 15/side russian twist, 10 Laying leg lifts, 20/side plank dips,  15 reverse crunches, 35 Jumping jacks (x3).

Have you ever came home and just instantly wanted to sit down and do nothing? I used to look around the house and see laundry, dishes, and full trash and be completely overwhelmed! At the end of the day the last thing most people want to do is clean house or workout but we all know it is necessary (yes, working out is necessary). Most of us know that laundry, dishes, trash, and a workout are not all going to happen so we end up picking one or two tasks out of the list.

I have made a few tiny changes around our home to make it a more motivational space. I want to come home and be ready to conquer anything. Here are my quick tips for making you home a space that makes you want to be your best!

  1. Always do the dishes as soon as you eat. Even if it is just one plate, clean it! Then there is never the daunting task of a pile of dishes hence you can use that time on something you enjoy.
  2. Make a compost jar. I know, how is this motivational? We have a jar that is just for food scraps such as veggie rinds, fruit cores, seeds, plate leftovers, etc. I keep it on the kitchen counter and when it is full I take it to my compost pile outside. This keeps me motivated to waste less and be more conscience of my eating habits. If I have been putting a lot in the jar, maybe I need to put less on my plate. Also, this is a step in becoming self sufficient as it is making us some awesome top soil!
  3. Leave your weights laying around. Yep, you can be a little messy. I leave my kettle bell right by the couch where I often workout. I can see it from the kitchen and the living room. Every time I pass it, it reminds me that a workout would be good. It is also readily available so it is easy to pick up and get to sweating! If you have to set up an area to workout, you most likely won’t do it. Have an area ready all the time!
  4. Grow a Garden. how can you go wrong with fresh veggies, fresh fruit, and some fresh air! Going out to water the garden or weed can turn into a good workout and getting some fresh air always gives me a boost of energy to keep moving!
  5. Keep a clean living space. If you live in an area where you are comfortable and do not always feel like there is cleaning to be done you are more likely to put your effort into things your enjoy. Little cleaning tasks each day can make your home a much brighter place.
  6. Make it colorful. Keep a fruit bowl on your counter. Easy, healthy go to snacks. Keep fresh cut raw veggies in the fridge at all times. Again, easy, healthy snacks. Put up some colorful pictures on your walls, keep flowers on the counter, anything that brightens the day! A colorful living space can make for more positive vibes.

Everyday can be great and liking your living space can be a huge step in your satisfaction! Take some time today to turn your home into a place you enjoy being active and not just lazy.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. Reblogged this on Nutrient Dense Cowgirl and commented:

    I wrote this post awhile back but it is a good refresher! Having a motivational living space can be key to having a motivational life.


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