Where Do You Get Your Peace?

Rise & Grind: 10/arm KB rows, 10 KB tricep dips, 20 spider plank, 10 laying leg lifts, 10 burpees. (x5). Stretch, breath, & let your mind wander.

Deep Breaths, It is going to be a great day, and it is already Thursday! I have been finding much more peace in my workouts lately. I think a month ago I was working out just for the fact of doing it. I was running through exercises and tracking every mile, writing it all down and hoping for the best.

I am now realizing that I workout to find my peace, to settle my wandering mind, and to make myself feel amazing. It is well know that you feel better after a workout but for me it is almost needed. It is something that I get grumpy without. I need the fresh air, the sweat, and the heart beating fast.

I can go for a run or go through  HIIT set and let my mind wander to great places. Being outside and moving makes my soul happy. There is no time else when my mind does this (except on the back of a horse). This is where I find my peace in my days. This is where my sanity comes from and I am ok with that.

Where do you get your peace?

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole



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  1. I get may space when I practice Yoga and Zen that Japanese usually do when they are stressed . I do Yoga when I return home after work. It makes me comfortable and ready to work enthusiatically.

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    1. I would love to learn more about yoga! I am very basic in my knowledge of yoga. That sounds like a great way to destress and refresh!


  2. Julianna says:

    I get my peace from being alone with my thoughts. I also love HIIT, and it moves a lot of energy for me for certain! Enjoy!!

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