‘Food Matters’

The more I learn and listen the more I know I am capable of great things. The world we live in is a confusing and corrupt world. We are all so taken back by ‘health food’, processed food, ‘should do’s’, Doctors, & cant’s. We are defined by what we read in articles that come from big business, sponsored, well paid ‘Medical Doctors’.

I know that we need to see what is in front of us. Have you ever known anyone with cancer? Did they get chemo? Did they get sick after/during chemo? The cancer didn’t kill them, the complications from others infections did.

Have you ever visited someone in the hospital? Did you get to see them eat? Jello, white bread, green beans maybe, added sugar juice. Eat up that plate of deficiencies.

Have you ever read the pamphlet that comes with prescriptions? What you are doing to your body is worse than what you have.

Have you ever ate REAL, WHOLE food for more than a week straight? Feel better?

Have you ever fed your body enough vitamins? I assure you, a correct amount of vitamins will cure almost any sickness you have.

Hear me out! People, doctors, nurses are doing what they believe is best. But maybe they are missing something. Did you know that only 6% of medical doctors are trained in nutrition? That is scary.

Nutrition is one of the few things we have complete control over. We can eat whatever we want. So why poison the body when we could be healing it?


And last on my little rant, Go watch “Food Matters”. It is on Netflix. This should change the way you see modern medicine and food.

I am strong. I am capable. I am beautiful. I am powerful.


Anne Nicole


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