Monday Blues

Rise & Grind: 10 push-ups, 10 laying leg lifts, 10 woodchoppers w/KB, 10 Rows/arm w/KB, 10 tricep extensions w/KB, 30 mt. climbers. (x5).

Yesterday I woke up motivated. My blog was motivating. I pranced off to sub. at a high school and was ready to take on the day. Then, I kind of lost my motivation. My nutrition was not so great yesterday, my workouts were non existent, my mood was less than chipper (probably could have been helped by a workout). I got home from the school and was gaining motivation, picked up baby and she was in a worse mood than me! She didn’t nap, didn’t eat, and is beginning to teeth. I was hoping she would nap when I got home so I could dig more garden but that didn’t happen. Welcome to motherhood, where all your plans depend on nap times and when you baby needs your boobs!

Long story short, I had a rough Monday. Just an off day. At the end of it all, I learned that I will soon be losing a loved one. Yesterday made me think deep. It made me want to treasure each day. I hate feeling like I wasted a day. There are people who only have days left and here I am being sad over a rough one?! My mom always told me, “there is someone out there who is worse off than you right now” and I loved that advice. I want to be there for each day before my loved one passes out of our world. I want to make memories with my daughter and cherish the moments that their souls can be together.

It is ok to have off days but we can’t dwell on them. I can’t dwell on the darkness when there is so much light that has come from this soul. I need to see the beauty that is life and promises all around us. I need to dig in deep and be the stronger person. I need to set my soul on fire again.

Today will be a good day despite the worldly ways. Today I will get done what needs to be done and do it with a smile. It is no longer just me that needs that smile, it is my daughter too. She needs a mom who smiles beyond hard times.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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