Today, We Ride.

Rise & Grind: 5sets – 50 High Knees, 10 push-ups, 30 flutter kicks, 10/arm KB rows, 10 KB Tricep extensions, 50 jumping jacks.

And we are off on a jet plane today. We are packed with healthy snacks, a few toys, water bottles, and books. Baby and I are heading back to the mountains on a one way flight. We are going to be with my Grandpa as he struggles through illness. This is not the kind of travel I look forward to. This is hard. Harder now that I have a child. Harder because my husband has to stay in Oklahoma. Harder because everything I love about my home in Wyoming is changing.

I have seen a new light in this though. I want my child to know that life is precious and we must treasure the days. I want her to know that it is ok to bear your soul and breakdown. It is ok to hurt. It is ok to feel a loss. It is ok to be happy. Happy that grandpa is living a life that most only dream of. Happy that he is surrounded by family. Happy that he gets to be at peace in the mountains. Happy that we get to be with family for awhile.

I have learned that it is ok to be almost anything, anything but angry. What do we have to angry about? An amazing adventure? Time spent with the ones we love? Reliving lost memories? A life that has been nothing short of incredible?

My soul is oddly at peace today. I am ready to take on the next few weeks and take in what has to come. I feel more at peace in the mountains where I can climb up to the top and let my soul wander off to far away dreams. I feel good about my Grandpas life and Good about what is in store.

I hope you all treasure your lives this weekend. Go do something that can be a story to tell your grandkids. Go do something that people will want to hear about again and again. Make it memorable and make it matter.


Anne Nicole


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