Rise & Grind: 15 Glute bridges w/weight, 12 KB Sumo Squats, 12/side scissor kick crunches, 15 Plank Squats, 8 perfect form burpees. (repeat x5).

I get asked a lot what we eat at our house. My favorite question are, “Does your husband have to eat healthy too”, “Do you make your baby eat whole veggies”, and “What about snacks”?

Yes, my husband eats healthy too. He is also trying to gain some weight so he had nice stash of unhealthy in the house. Sometimes I will make him side dishes to meals (like mac and cheese with nasty super processed cheese that he so loves) so he can eat that. I certainly don’t forbid him to eat bad I just encourage healthy choices.

Yes, my baby eats whole veggies. At every meal she has some type of roasted veggie or raw veggie. Even without teeth, she love to munch on green and yellow peppers and cucumbers. roasted carrots and broccoli are also a fave!

Yes, we eat snacks.

So today I want to go over a few staples that are always in my fridge/pantry.

  1. oatmeal. It is the perfect quick healthy breakfast and you can go so many ways with toppings.   
  2. Roasted veggies. I do a big roast one day and i am set for the week.   
  3. raw veggies cut up and ready to munch on
  4. Healthy snacks: ‘That’s it’ bars, RX Bars, raw veggies, plain popcorn, cheese sticks, mary’s gone crackers, Plain puffed brown rice, natural PB, apples, mango, bananas, grapes, nuts, raw almonds, Just Raspberries freeze dried fruit,   
  5. Meat: I try to cook up a big portion of meat on sunday and use it as leftovers all week. Grilled chicken, pork loin, elk roast, lean beef roast, etc.
  6. Extras: Chia seeds, flax meal, honey, natural PB, Spicy BBQ, powdered PB (try to find one with very little added), mustard, Almond milk, Whole milk, green tea, whole flour, some pasta, ice cream (yes, we all have a few bad items too)

That about sums up our house items. We buy organic when available and try to not buy anything with sugar added into it. Tyler’s stash is an exception and it contains frosted flakes, mac and cheese, pop tarts, oreos, and chips.

We do the best we can. These are our staples. I like to keep healthy food in the house so that we eat healthy food. 90% of the time I cook our meals and make everything we eat from scratch. I always like to try new fruits and veggies and get them from my garden when I can! Buying fresh, organic farm produce is hard to beat.

What’s in your pantry?

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. EmmaJCarson says:

    What a fantastic post – I’m going to be honest, with the pace of life at the moment I’m guilty of grabbing a (white bread) cheese sandwich on my way into work – and having a Pot Knoodle on my break! A little effort is all it needs. Will try and implement some of these really cool suggestions in the future, thanks for posting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Planning helps for sure! We all have those days where it doesn’t work out but by keeping good food,we eat good food! Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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