Monday is for Success

Rise & Grind: This set x5 – 10 plank squat push up (Do a plank  squat, come back to starting position and do a push up, that’s one rep), 1 min. high knees, 10/leg curtsy lunges, 15/leg leg extensions with flexed foot & leg to the side, 10 Burpees.


Mondays are the best days for success. Motivation is high, goals are set, & healthy choices are happening (at least I hope so)!

Think about it, everybody starts on a Monday. Diets start, fitness starts, you begin reading a book, or begin quitting a bad habit. Monday’s really are a day for success. It is making that same motivation and success last all week where we see problems.

Switch it up! Do new workouts, eat new foods, try new methods of conquering your goals and you may see a new rise in motivation. Set a small weekly goal for yourself see if you can meet just one goal. Then move on.

My weekly goal is to stretch everyday this week.

I am ready to conquer this week! I have started running again, lifting more, & enjoying a lot of sunshine! After working out inside all winter it is nice to be outside enjoying the days.

What are your goals this week?

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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