Running Late

Went to bed a little late, woke up a little late, running a little late this morning! I must say, it felt great to get a few more winks of sleep though. My body has been working hard these last two weeks and it deserved it. I am up now, hitting the grind.

Even on mornings when my time is limited, it is important for me to take a few minutes to get centered. Plan our meals for the day, plan my workouts, plan what I need to get done, & take a few deep breaths. I find that if I don’t take these precious minutes I end up scattered, grumpy, and un-motivated.

I know that on mornings when I want to be lazy it is so important for me to get up and get moving right away to build some motivation and drive. My body just needs a little kickstart every now and again. So I am off to get moving! Also on the agenda today it starting some seeds, composting, a little baking, running, enjoying some sunshine, errands, and riding! Saw this quote this morning and it really hit home with how I am trying to organize my life. How true is this?

need less

What helps you keep it together on rushed mornings?

Here is to today! May your coffee/tea be strong, your motivation be high, and your meals be real!


Anne Nicole

Rise & Grind: 1 min of each exercise: push-ups & high knees (x2),  KB Rows & Plank dips (x2), Tricep extensions & jumping jacks (x2), Russian twists & Plank hold (x2).


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