Dipping Into Oils – Who can help me dip a little deeper?

FRIDAY! Can you believe it is already here? I for one, am ready for the weekend!

As of lately, I have been riding my horse a lot! It is a great workout and a passion of mine. However, this also means I am also struggling with allergies and asthma, a lot! Whenever I run into these problems I find that it is even more important to stay on track with nutrition to keep my body as healthy as possible. Trust me when I say that my body needs every boost it can get! As does my soul! I find it hard to deal with the fact that something I care for so deeply is beating me down.

I have been eating fruits and veggies like they are going out of style! I have been drinking lots of black and green teas and water. I have also been running to try and keep my lungs going longer. I know this sounds strange, but really it helps! Usually, after riding I am ok until night when I relax and then the asthma kicks in. If I go run right after I ride, it doesn’t seem to get as bad. I know that after the spring season it will improve but right now it is a struggle. This should be easy, I am 10x healthier than I used to be, but it’s not. I am not sure how I lived through spring before!

As another boost, I have been dabbling in essential oils. Peppermint and Lavender seem to be great rubbed on my chest or in our diffuser. I am new to essential oils and just starting out with using them.

Does anyone know other good oils for breathing or overall immune health? I would love to learn more about oils and use them more frequently in my house!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole

Rise & Grind: 15/side curtsy lunges, 12 plank squats, 20/leg side leg extensions (repeat this set x2). 12 sumo squats with heel raise at bottom, 20/leg plank with leg raise, 15 KB swings (repeat this set x2).


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