Sappy Mom Post – Birth Story

Ok, so every once in awhile we all get a little sappy and today is my day!

This day last year I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl.

The night before, my husband and I went to a fire at a friends house and I remember making him stop on the way to get me an ice cream bar! I was at exactly 39 weeks and 6 days. I had walked 4 miles, helped my husband fix an irrigation sprinkler, and rode around in the ranger through the field with him that day! All through out my pregnancy I was very active so this was nothing new. I ran more than 300 miles with baby in my belly and trained clients at a gym.

Anyway, I needed to wake my husband up at 3:00 a.m to go out and turn off an irrigation well. I set my alarm, but never got to sleep that long! Around 2:00 a.m. I woke up having contractions. I quickly woke up Tyler and he turned over, looked at the clock and said, “Honey, it’s not time to turn off the sprinkler. Go back to sleep”. Typical farmer! I woke him up again and told him, “It IS time! We are having a baby”.

O, wow were we both a mess! This being our first child, we had no idea how long to wait and my contractions were never the same time apart. Tyler started getting dressed, Starched jeans, nice shirts, boots. I began to giggle a little and he said, “What? I want to look good when the baby gets here”.

Off we went, not to the hospital though! We sure weren’t going to let that sprinkler go. We drove through the bumpy fields while I was having contractions! Remember, I am married to a farmer!

about 45 minutes later we reached the hospital and were admitted. They had me walk over a mile when we got there because I was not progressing. Tyler was right beside me singing, “push it, push it real good”. ¬†Finally about 8 hours in the Dr. came in and broke my water for me. I was highly against a c section and was doing anything I knew of to make baby come naturally.

At 11 hours, I was only dilated 7 and the babies heart rate dropped very low. The Dr. said I had to push and if she didn’t begin to come, c-section it was. So I pushed, and pushed, and pushed! Talk about a workout! I pushed for just over an hour and our baby girl finally decided it was her time.

What a rush of emotion! I immediately put her to my chest while my husband cut the cord (splashing blood all over the doctors face). It was hard to believe she was ours. Tyler was a little nervous to touch her and the nurse told him, “it is ok, she is yours, you can hold her”.

From the first hold to every hold there after, we love her with all our hearts! She has loved the outdoors since day one. She loves horses and our dog. Baby loves to ride around the farm with dad and go see the cows. She is not afraid to get dirty and enjoys a good mud pie!

How blessed are we to have the chance to raise such a wonderful soul?

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. minwest says:

    Oh Bless!!!! Your beautiful is lucky to be loved by you! xx


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