Crazy Days Ways

(rise and grind is at the bottom of this post)

Is it Thursday already?

Wow, today will be a busy one! It seems like I have pushed everything up to last minute this week. Cleaning, a meeting, grocery shopping, making a horse pen, it is all happening today. My mom gets to town tomorrow to stay with us for a week, Babies birthday party is Saturday, and we have a young man staying with us all next week.

Sometimes last minute is the best motivation! However, I do not like feeling like a last minute girl. I like to be organized, prepared, and scheduled. On days like today it is usually really easy for me to get caught up in the mess and my patience run low. I get running around like crazy and it changes my mood. This is not fair to my husband or baby. So, to help combat this, I like to get in my workouts first thing in the morning. That way I feel better the whole day. It helps to settle me, take things one step at a time, and move through the day. Here are some more tips for crazy days:

boss babe.jpg

  1. Schedule meals! This is a must if you want to stay on track! No grabbing fast food while you are out running errands. Nutrition is a must!
  2. Bring snacks. This will help alleviate that last minute grocery shopping snack binge, the when I get home snack binge, and will help you stay full and focused. Formula bowls make great snack containers for littles!   
  3. Get in the mood. Turn on some music, put on some cleaning clothes, and clean away! dance to the beat while you mop, vacuum, and sweep. Nice little extra workout too! Let your soul out to play and have fun doing mundane tasks.
  4. Be efficient. No laying around between tasks! You will lose all motivation and end up doing a sloppy job. Move from one task to the next with little water and snacks breaks. Think of you day like you are at work.
  5. Take deep breaths. Do not let yourself get run by your day. Instead, you run your day. Take some deep breaths, one task at a time. Your body deserves this!
  6. Enjoy a nice foot massage at the end of the day. Because we can all convince our husbands to do that right?! HA!!!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole

Rise & Grind: 20 sumo squats holding weight, 15/side curtsy lunges w/weight (repeat x2). 20 plank squats, 1 min plank hold (repeat x2). 15 burpees, 50 calf raises (repeat x2). 15/side back lunges, 50 jumping jacks (repeat x2).


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