Eating For Your Body

Note to self: When I eat like Crap, I feel like Crap. 

I have been on the struggle bus with nutrition lately. I am a certified fitness nutritionist and yes, I still struggle. Nothing terrible, just small things that I do not need to be consuming. I need to keep in mind that sound nutrition is the base of everything in health. I feel so much better when I eat better!

I have been able to cheat lately because I have not seen a change in my body. Meaning, My abs have not gone away due to a few cheats. Eventually will they? Yes. 

However, I should not be choosing my nutrition based on how my body looks. I should be choosing my nutrition based on how my body feels. 

This is a HUGE misconception in the fitness and diet industry. People eat according to whether or not they can see their abs that day and not according to their needs as a functioning body. I am guilty of this! I have to remind myself that health is not in abs, health in the our overall feel, function, & mood. Food can change all of these drastically. When I eat good, I feel good. When I eat bad, I feel bad. Can I usually see my abs after a cheat meal or two? Yes. Can I usually remain in a positive mood after a cheat meal or two? No. 

Think about this next time you want to grab the cookies! Ask yourself, “Will this change my motivation level”, “Will this change my mood”, “will this change how I feel”?

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful. 


Anne Nicole




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  1. CT says:

    Omg this is so true! When I eat like crap I feel like a crap! I struggle with weight loss because food is awesomee lol but lately I have been making little changes in what I eat and I can notice the difference. When you eat good you feel good and that’s my motivation because I hate feeling like crap .

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    1. Nutrition is so important to overall health and wellness! So many people think they can outwork a bad diet and you just can’t!


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