It’s deeper than that

This quote caught my eye this morning and I couldn’t just let it set. How true is this?! Most people that I talk to just want to have a body they can be confident about. They want to fit into a certain size jean or tone one specific area they feel is worse off than another.

Once we begin a lifestyle that revolves around our health, it becomes much deeper than just a size of jean. No, we don’t all have to turn into body builders but we all develop some sort of passion for health and fitness.

For me, I began studying nutrition and fitness due to having severe asthma and wanting to overcome it. Did this cure my asthma, nope! Am I still living a healthy, fit lifestyle? YES! So, why didn’t I quit when my goals didn’t get reached?  I am 10x healthier than I ever was before and for me, this journey is deeper than 6 pack abs. This journey is about finding my own soul. It has enabled me to let my true self out to shine. Fitness as gave me the confidence I needed to become a trainer and nutrition coach. It has made me a stronger woman. It gave me a foundation on which to raise my child in a healthy manner. It allows me to be a better mom and wife. Fitness is my therapy and my me-time. Fitness releases my captive emotions. The amount of passion that I have poured into my health and my body is not about the muscle anymore, it is so much deeper than that.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole



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  1. B says:

    It’s very inspiring to read how fitness and nutrition played such an important role in your life. I am always trying to explain to clients that healthy eating and fitness go hand in hand.

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    1. Thank you! Means the told to me! I can’t imagine going back to a life without full health. I owe a lot to the gym and nutrition! I am so glad you stopped by my blog!


  2. Ruzele says:

    love this quote! Thank you for sharing!!

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  3. Des_Fitness says:

    Great post! It’s so inspiring to read how you kept up with your healthy lifestyle.

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  4. DopeLifey says:

    That’s true. Fitness really changes you, your life in a positive way.

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    1. Yes, it’s an amazing transformation for the mind and soul.

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