Perfect Practice

Is it Monday already?! This weekend literally flew by!

I got to take my new horse to a Barrel race yesterday and learned a valuable lesson: Perfect practice really does make for a perfect performance. I Have been working with this horse for a month now and I am very anxious to get him to a race. However, he is not moving off his hind end as much as I would like. So why run and create bad habits?

Same goes for my fitness. I like to push myself to move my body in new ways and try new things. However, If I am unable to do the exercise with perfection it is back to the practice pen. Back to a little lower weight or trying to strengthen my body so I can improve on that move. Same goes for nutrition. Practicing perfect nutrition at home will make it easier to perform good nutrition will out and about.

Practicing until we can no longer get it wrong. Practicing until we do not have to think, just move. Practicing until we are able to laugh and perform perfect movements at the same time.

Whether it is riding my horse or working on myself, I like to practice perfect. Good form, correct movements, sound workouts.

I like what Michael Jackson said, “Practice like you have never won, Play like you have never lost”

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole



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