Consistency is Key

So, I am teaching my first HIIT class tonight!

I have taught a lot of classes but I am really excited for this one! I completed the workout yesterday and I loved it. Really feeling it in my legs today. I will post the workout to my page under fitness later today! From now on, all of my ‘rise and grinds’ and class workouts will be posted there!

I taught a class outside last fall and only had one lady make it to the end. Why? Well because the others were not seeing the immediate results that they wanted. It was hard work and not worth the little reward.

Do I agree with them, No! Yes, it was hard work. Yes, results do come slow. But, I can guarantee you will not see any results if you do not come! I spent 10 minutes of each class covering nutrition and things that matter outside the gym.

Meeting with me for 1 hour 2x a week and not changing any other life habits will not work. I know I sound like I am saying my own program doesn’t work, but that’s not it! I am a huge advocate for sound nutrition and mental health. I believe that in order to change your body your soul must be ready, your diet must be supportive, and your mind must be conquered. Can you achieve these things along the way? Yes! So, Don’t give up!

Consistency is key. One must trust the process. You absolutely can see positive results from spending 1 hour, 2x per week with me! You must be willing and ready to change your habits though. You must be ready to conquer your mind and put your own soul first. You must be consistent. I can not follow each client around 24 hours and slap bad food out of their hand (although, we all want someone who does that), I can’t stop your mouth when something negative is about to come out, and I can’t pull you off the couch. You must be willing, ready, and able on your own. You must grow will power just as your are going to grow muscle.

Give it time, stay consistent, it will come!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. Mr. and Mrs. Macro says:

    Love the message of consistency here Anne! My wife and I love doing some HIIT at the end of our workouts. Any suggestions to keep things interesting?


    1. Thanks for stopping by! I like to always change up my workouts. Especially for my classes! I rotate between high cardio and moderate cardio classes and use different moves like squats with leg thrusts, planks (I do a whole series of planks including plank squats, leg lifts, hip drops, and crunches), Relays with the class, and some pilates! I literally use every kind of exercise to make up my workouts and it is always fun to introduce my classes to new ones. Don’t be afraid to add in any form of movement.


  2. You sound like a great motivator! I’d love to be able to come to your classes and I agree that some people don’t realise that you have to work hard to see results, but in the end it’s truly worth it.


    1. Awe!! Thank you! I am hoping that people will start to realize this! I know a lot of people do but hard work is scary for some. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

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      1. No problem, can’t wait to


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