I Need a Name


I am sure most of you knew that already though. I am feeling crazy motivated this morning and ready to take on this week with lots of movements, healthy food, and some new workouts! I will keep you all posted on the new moves and post to my fitness page! My goal for the week to focus on my nutrition.

I have an exciting announcement first! Our family grew this weekend. (No, I am not pregnant nor did I have a baby) but my baby had a baby! I bred My main rodeo horse last spring and the baby came Sunday morning around 1:00 a.m. It is a little filly (girl). The mom is Dusters frosty (bred back to sun frost and frenchmans guy) the dad is Hot Corona (bred back to corona cartel, beduino, dash for cash).

babybaby 2.jpg

This little girl needs a name! I am stumped. I have though of a ton but none fit her yet. Do you have any great name ideas?!

While you think of names you can complete this set!

20 sumo squats and 15/side curtsy lunges (x2), 20 air squats with leg thrust and 1 min high knees (x2), 25 plank squats and 12 burpees (x2).

Super Quick way to begin your Monday! You will feel better after that set!

I am strong. I am powerful. I am beautiful. I am capable.


Anne Nicole


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  1. So cute, how about, Leila, Mania, Lila, Sanny…

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  2. ssunshine14 says:



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