What Diet Do I Recommend…

So I want to clear this up: Do I put clients on diets? No! Why? Well here is my reasons why.

I don’t do diets. Diets play with your mind and generally involve some pretty crappy food. Do I sometimes limit calorie intake? Yes. Do I carb cycle sometimes? Yes.

There are ALOT of ‘diets’ on the market right now. Some aim at losing weight. Think weight watchers, jenny craig, lean cuisine. Some diets are aimed at people who are already or trying to get fit, Think IIFYM. And some are aimed at health, Think Paleo, whole 30.

So why does every person think every ‘diet’ will work for them? Every ‘diet’ is designed for a different goal. You need to eat according to your goals! So here is my suggestions when asked about diets.

  1. My base of all nutrition is REAL food. Nutrient dense food. Food that IS ingredients. Food that can be grown in your backyard. This mindset on food will work for all goals.
  2. Why not Lean cuisine and others like it? Think Chemical overload! They are packed with nasty chemicals used to replace any real substance there may have been. These are about the lowest of the low when we talk about food quality. Are they low calorie? Yes. Does low calorie mean healthy? NO!
  3. Why not IIFYM. Well, because people think they can gorge on pop tarts, ice cream, and oreos. This is not healthy in any manner. I believe in IIFYM if you meet those macros with REAL food. Eating processed junk may fit in your daily schedule but it is not good on the body and can deplete energy with sugar highs and lows. It can also effect your mood. So fit those macros with Good food and I am all for it.
  4. How about Paleo or whole 30? I must admit, I like the idea behind paleo and whole 30. obviously I am a fan of whole foods. These are close to how I chose to eat. However, I don’t like to put clients on these ‘diets’ for one reason. They go home, look up paleo recipes and come across paleo chocolate chip cookies, whole foods brownies, paleo cake, paleo lasagna, paleo cheese bombs, etc. While they may be paleo or whole, they are not always healthy.

Healthy nutrition lies in real, honest foods. You do not have to eat like a body builder to be fit. Body builders eat for their own goals so you should too! Social media does a great job of making us all think we need to be carrying around chicken and protein shakes constantly. And some of us do but not all of us! Eat for your OWN goals and keep it REAL! Energy, stamina, joy, and many other functions lie in stable nutrition.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. mliae says:

    Great post! Have to ask though…what is IIFYM?


    1. IIFYM is If it fits your macros. People basically make a set macro nutrient plan each day depending on their exercise. For example maybe they eat 2,000 calories a day with set grams of protein, carb, and fat. They can eat anything that fits into those numbers! A lot of times you see processed, junk food in those diets simply because it fits the numbers. Some eat the junk because the quick carbs help to peak insulin after a workout. I However am not a fan of the junk side of IIFYM.

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      1. mliae says:

        Oooh…OK. That seems like a lot of working numbers and not so much paying attention to what your putting in your body.

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  2. Really good advice! I always tell people…a hungry body is a healthy body! Eating good healthy from the earth foods is a sure safe way to a lean physique.


  3. Wow! Great post! Myth busting with awesome clarity & logic. Very accessible!


  4. Love this! Skip the diet and eat real!

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    1. Yes! REAL food is where it is at!

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  5. workingmommyjen says:

    AMEN! I eat IIFYM BUT I also only eat clean foods and I am GF (health reasons) and added sugar free. It is amazing how much you can eat of good healthy foods when you eat the right things. I sometimes have to force myself to eat when I am not real hungry because I know I need to maintain a certain caloric intake for the amount I work out.


    1. Thats great! I am a huge no added sugar fan. I can tell a huge difference in my mood and energy levels when I stay away from sugar. Solid nutrition is the base of great health!


  6. I couldn’t agree more about IIFYM I’m currently counting macros but I make sure I’m eating good healthy food, the things other people eat on it are just crazy!

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    1. It amazes me what some of those people eat! Good Job on staying healthy. In the long run, that is the way to go.


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