Kick Sugar to the Curb

Sick of being controlled by sugary cravings? Then stop letting it control you!

HA! Easy to say, right?!

Do you ever feel like your body literally say, “Must eat sugar. must find nasty snack. You need this”. Or maybe your body is more like this, “You only ate a light breakfast and decent lunch so you deserve a junky snack”.  Well, tell your mind to shut it!

When learning to quit sugar we must first realize that sugar is in fact, an addiction. Sugar happens to be more addictive than cocaine. Sugar releases endorphins the brain telling us that we want more. (Guess what else releases endorphins? Hard work, fitness, movement!)

We have to control our minds before we can conquer our bodies. Part of that control is learning how to shut our our negative voice, our craving voice, our lazy voice and learn to listen to your positive voice, our smart voice, and our motivated voice. This is one of the hardest parts of being a healthy person. Anyone can go to the gym and workout for an hour but it takes real work to control what goes in your mouth 24/7.

I like to think that I need to workout my brain just like I do my body. I like to conquer little things (like choosing a healthy snack, going all day without sugar, getting up and moving first thing) and go up from there.

Overtime we gain control of our minds and we can really live freely without the inside nagging voice. Our souls can shine on. Once we control our minds we can dip into our should potential and be who we really are.

Do something today to workout your brain. Shut out your nasty inner doubter and listen to your soul.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole



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  1. Do you think going cold turkey on this drug we call sugar is a good idea or even possible? Should I attempt to phase it out instead? I need to really do something about it. I have been substituting white sugar by honey, jaggery, brown sugar for a long time but I feel I need to do more especially the hidden sugars in snacks, drinks etc. What worked for you?

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    1. I think phasing it out is a good idea. Sometimes I like to eat fruit instead. Grapes have a very high fructose content so sometimes they are a good treat. I also sub for honey at times (especially baking) but I try not to even do that too much. Another good start is eliminating products with added sugars (ketchup, canned soup, cereal, bbq, etc) most of those items can be made or purchased without sugar you just have to read labels!!

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      1. That sounds encouraging coz am already doing some of these things especially opting for natural sugars rather than white sugar. I guess I need to go off store bought cookies, soda etc though I cannot, just cannot, give up my favourite ketchup😁 although I can limit the amount I guess. Biscuits are gonna be first in the firing line. Thank you for getting me thinking on these lines with renewed vigour through your post.

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  2. HappyFamily says:

    Love this post. I am totally addicted to sugar. 6 days sober haha. Trying to go three weeks without dessert, even though I know I am getting sugar in other places. This week has not been as terrible.

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