Oops, my legs were showing! 

It’s one of those mornings. A messy bun and large coffee kind of mornings. I woke up feeling a little overwhelmed and I’m not really sure why. However, it is going to be a great day! 

Yesterday I worked all day and then made plans to workout with a fellow mom. I was ready to hit it hard like we usually do and sweat out some stress. Little did I know, we were doing yoga. Not exactly the hit it hard I was planning on. But, I must say, I needed it! It felt good to let my body relax and breath. I get going in so many directions sometimes I forget to set back and take deep breaths. 

After yoga, I took baby for a bike ride (hoping for her to nap, she loves sleeping in the bike trailer). Upon returning to my house at 5:40 sweaty and dust covered I remembered I was supposed to join my husband for a farm dinner thing and we had to leave by 6! To my surprise, he had forgot too and was just showering when I ran into the house to get ready. I quickly took a shower, put my wet hair in a messy bun, threw on a black tee, some fancy/nice long coral shorts, and a little mascara.  Good enough right?! Ha! 

We arrived at the dinner just in time. All my fellow farm wives were on their husbands arms dressed in slacks, cardigans, cute dresses, pressed jeans, and/or long sleeves. Their makeup was on point and their hair was curled. I was most likely the youngest one there and here I am with my baby on my hip in my shorts and v-next clad outfit. They looked at me like I was a hooligan. Oops! 

In all honesty I thought I looked cute and by gosh I did! I didn’t let them ruin my mood. I am proud of my fit little body. A lot of hard work goes into those muscles! Maybe they were just jealous cause that’s the most leg anyone from The farm has seen in a long time….

That’s my funny for the week! 

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful. 


Anne Nicole 


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  1. WHOOO child have I been there before. Be yourself and be proud. I bet secretly they wished they were in comfy workout clothes with a sweaty glow! keep going!

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