What is good nutrition?

Excited to announce that I will be giving a series of Nutritional Seminars starting May 5th at my local gym! But, the really exciting part is that I have decided to share each and EVERY seminar with you all! I will be posting all of my notes, discussion, and lecture after each seminar!!

To give you a little sneak peak I have kind of outlined my first one below!

My first seminar will cover what good nutrition actually is and if nutrition is a limiting factor for you. A limiting factor is anything that makes it more difficult to achieve optimal results. For most Americans, nutrition is a huge limiting factor but the good news is, it is easy to change!

When discussing good nutrition I like to keep 3 things in mind:

  1. Does your nutrition control your energy balance? Are you calories in equal to your calories out? That being said, depending on specific goals your energy balance may need to change.
  2. Is your diet nutrient dense? Was your 400 calorie lunch two big chocolate chip cookies or a salad with chicken, nuts, berries, and vinegar? Big difference in calories depending on where they come from! Not all calories are created equal!
  3. Is your nutrition outcome based? In other words, are you eating towards your goals.

When talking about nutrition, we have to remember that each body needs a little different recipe. We can not eat like the fitness model on instagram and believe that we will look like her. Each body needs its own nutrition. I like to always tell my clients that they can get ideas for food off things like instagram but not to live by it. Just cause she had a protein shake doesn’t always mean you need one. You did different workouts, your bodies are at different weights, different muscle masses, and your entire daily schedule is different.

You must let your nutrition work for you!

This just touches the very base of what we will be covering in seminar #1! I can’t wait to share more with you all!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. SHE LUXE FIT says:

    It’s so good of you to deliver these sessions in your local gym. So many people try to out train a bad diet and wonder why they fail. You are giving people the tools to help themselves to become healthier, fitter and more knowledgeable. I’m currently studying nutrition and hope I can help people similarly



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