Why I am a Personal Trainer

This came across my time hop yesterday and it really re-motivated me. I wrote this little bit two years ago when I was just week from graduating college and had the entire world at my fingertips. I also posted the picture two years ago.

“This weekend someone asked me why I became a Personal Fitness Trainer and honestly I had the answer in my head but couldn’t explain it. I can’t explain to someone what if feels like to not be able to breath. Or to have doctors tell your mom she is killing her daughter. I can’t explain waking up in a cold sweat gasping for one more breath or looking into the eyes of people who want to help you and not being able to talk. I can’t explain living on (Dr. prescribed) steroids for 10 years and having then wreck my body. I can’t explain my greatest passion being my worst enemy. I can’t explain what it feels like to run my horse into first barrel and lose every bit of oxygen I had. But, I can explain PASSION. Passion has kept me alive for 22 years. No medicine can do that, no doctor can prescribe it, no breathing machine (nebulizer) can put it in me. I am a trainer because I have a deep rooted passion for being healthy. I have conquered the obstacles and plan to keep conquering more. Many things can take my breath away but nothing or no one can take my passion”

This is still 100% true today!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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