Common Nutrition Mistakes

I am working on my 2nd nutrition seminar and I was thinking about common mistakes people make when trying to eat healthier.  A lot of times we people are trying hard but missing the mark just a bit. Here are the top 5 mistakes I see and what to do to fix them!

  1. Buying/Eating ‘diet’ food. This one really gets me! People want to eat healthier so they head to the store and load up on ‘lean cuisine’, weight watchers food, low fat, reduced fat, and low calorie snack packs. Just because it it low cal does not make it healthy! Anytime you see the words low fat, reduced fat, etc. Think chemicals! These products are loaded with unnatural, inedible, chemicals! they use the chemicals to replace whatever there was that was real actual food.
  2. Eating very low calorie diet and foods only. You body needs fuel! Eating a diet that is very low in calories can actually make your metabolism work slower. You want to be sure you are eating enough to keep your energy balance in check. You should never feel cloudy, lethargic, or starving just because you are trying to eat right. Don’t be afraid of healthy, nutrient dense, calorie dense foods.
  3. Never refueling after hard work. What did I say above? Your body needs fuel! After a hard workout make sure you get some protein and carbs into your belly to help refill your system. You are not undoing your workout. You are fueling your body so it can be ready to put that workout to work.
  4. Failure to plan. “by failing to plan, we plan to fail” always, always, always have food prepared! Always have a snack with you. This will prevent the quick stop hungry grab a candy bar bad choices. This will also prevent the get home late lets have frozen pizza choices. Always have healthy choices available! Take one morning a week to prep food for the entire week.

Above all, EAT REAL FOOD! Eat food that does not need nutrition labels. Food that came from the ground or the pasture. Food that can be raised in your backyard. Food that your great grandparents would have ate.

“eating well is a form of self respect”

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. SO true – DIET food. What a joke right! Great blog piece!

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  2. nittmish says:

    Interesting, insightful write-up!

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