Things that you think are healthy but they’re not

Happy Monday! I hope you are all starting off this week on a positive note! I spent sometime this weekend doing a little soul searching and it turns out, it’s still there! I am ready to take on this and see what I can accomplish.

I gave a nutrition talk on Thursday to a few local ladies and we had a little talk about foods that appear to be healthy but are just tricking you! Companies use many ploys to get you to buy their food thinking it will slim your waistline. It is time to look into what you are actually eating! So here is a good list of healthy foods that are not healthy at all!

  1. 100 Calorie packs. It is low cal?  yes. Does that make it healthy? No. Most of these packs are literally just cookies in smaller versions of themselves. While it is ok to sneak a treat every now and again, these will leaving you wanting more. You are going to end up eating the entire box if you are anything like me! Or you will eat one pack and go searching for something else to cure your cravings. These packs are loaded with nasty ingredients, bloat inducing sugars, and inedible powders.
  2. Fruit Juice. I will be the first to admit that I love juice! I love to use my juicer and get it right from the fruit straight into my glass. No added anything. However, the juice you are buying at the store (with few exceptions) is not fruit juice at all. Most ‘juices’ are water, sugar, artificial flavor. Flavored Sugar water! trust me when I say, not all of those sugar grams are from the natural fruit! Always read your labels and but a juice that is 100% and fruit is the only ingredient.
  3. Pretzels. For some reason, someone once said these were a healthy choice. They are not. They will never make you full, they are digested very quickly, and they have no nutrition value what so ever! So there is that.
  4. Frozen Yogurt. ‘The healthy dessert’ is not so healthy after all! Did you know that most ‘yogurt’ at self serve bars is just a powdered mix? Did you know on average it contains about as much sugar as real ice cream? Did you know that there is only 1, maybe 2 if you are lucky, probiotics in each flavor? So you you might as well eat ice cream!! I love going to the self serve yogurt bar. I just look at it as a treat and not a healthy snack.
  5. Fruit snacks. Sugar water in gel form.
  6. Granola bars. Sugary cereal held together by more sugar.
  7. Most Cereal. fast digesting grains coated with sugar.
  8. Pop chips, organic chips, kettle cooked chips, really anything in chip form. potato or rice paste held together by salt and un real, inedible powders made in some lab using some form of MSG or artificial flavor.

Do you see where I am going with this?! Always, Always, Always chose REAL food! Chose food that can be grown or raised. How many times have y’all heard that from me?

real food

Check back later for a list of snacks that are actually healthy!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. nittmish says:

    Very insightful post, love it. I’ve quit most of these things, although I sneak them in sometimes, and even when I’m under my calorie goal, I feel bloated after eating most of them.

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