Women, let’s be better.

So it has been a quick minute since my last post! I have been enjoying my weekend with family time, working horses, and workouts.

Some weekends my husband and I have fires out at our house. We live outside of town and we love hanging out with friends and just enjoying the outdoors. I have noticed that most of my husbands friends come but they usually don’t bring their wives/girlfriends. Why? Well, Im not sure they like me, honestly.

Let’s just say that fitness and clean eating are not exactly the town moto where we live. It is more of a women should make babies, stay inside, and cook meat and potatoes town. Very old school. I grew up to learn that women are capable of anything and being raised by a single mom, I am very independent. My mom and I could literally fix anything, carry any load, and mechanic our own trucks. So where am I going with this?

The women in this town do not look to kindly on me being independent. They believe that I need to call on my husband for every burnt out bulb. I once got asked why I got married if I could just fix everything myself. Well, I got married because I love my husband, not so that he could be my handyman.

The women here are taken aback by me being very fit. I kind of think they want to be fit too but that might take away from their housewifeness. How could I possibly have time to work on my own body when I should be baking pies? (little do they know, almost everything my family eats is homemade. Down to our bread, our crackers, all of our dinners, all our baby food. All homemade) And don’t even mention that my poor child has to sit in a stroller giggling, and taking in the sunshine while I go on my daily morning runs.

I honestly wish that they would get over it. I’m a nice girl! I would love to make some more lady friends here but it is hard when you are constantly judged.

Women, lift each other up! Even if you do not agree with how one women lives, you can still be decent to each other! We should be empowering women to be their best selves and not pushing them down. Each and every girl has something that we can learn from them.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. McKenna says:

    I was working in South Dakota calving out heifers last year and went and fell in love. Ugh. Haha kidding, but I stuck around and that’s where my roots are forming now 🙂 You’ve got some good music down in Oklahoma!


  2. McKenna says:

    You are quickly becoming my favorite blog. I also live in the middle of nowhere where women are expected to be helpless and fragile, and I wonder if that’s why I don’t quite fit in here. I’m from Washington, but travelling from Texas to Colorado to Wyoming working ranches and outfitters, so I’ve never been a dependent kind of girl. It’s sometimes hard to remember that there isn’t anything wrong with not being helpless! You are an inspiration.

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    1. Thanks for reading my blog!! I am so glad you liked it. I am envious of your travels and jobs! I would love to just travel and work for ranches. I grew up just north of Jackson, Wy but now we are in Oklahoma.

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