Counting Calories is for the birds and the body builders

Every time I meet with a new client they always ask about counting calories. Most of them have told me that they tried it but were not very precise with their measurements and so on. People always have some diet that they are following and most of the time they are not eating enough food. Well, let me take that back, enough of the RIGHT FOOD. They are eating a lot of empty calories. Foods with high calorie count and not a lot of nutritional value. Or, they eat a lot of diet food (eww! Gross! don’t ever do it. It is not in any way real food), low cal and still not value.

so what do I do for clients who have never been good eaters and do not understand nutrition? I give them a crash course! Easy and simple for everyone to understand.

  1. How much do you weigh? Example: 150lbs
  2. What is your height? Example: 5’9″
  3. Age: 24     Sex: Female
  4. What are your goals? Example: Lose a little fat coverage and gain some tone
  5. BMR: about 1,500 (Amount of calories burned if you do nothing)
  6. BMR x 1.375 (for activity) = 2,062 (I did 1.375 due to the fact that she wants to lose weight. it is a light exercise activity level).
  7. Suggest she eats 2,000 calories a day When she works out.
  8. Have her count calories for ONE WEEK ONLY. By then she will have a good idea of what and how much she can eat. After the 1 week of strict counting she will keep a food journal of what she ate. Not counting each calorie, just writing it down to keep her accountable. After 4 weeks, we re-evalute and see if we are reaching our goals.
  9. Once she becomes more familiar with nutrition, we will set our specific macros for ONE WEEK and then a food journal for 4 weeks.

Easy Peesy!! Anyone can do it for a week. The reason I suggest only counting for one week is because it makes us crazy!! If you have a family who is not counting, it makes them crazy too! There has to be some sort of balance in your life. I think that counting calories every single day without a set date of a goal (like a body builder with a show) is not healthy. It can lead to eating disorders, mood swings, and make it hard on a relationship. That is why I only suggest it to get an idea of how much you can eat and then just go off a journal.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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