I’m Still Here!

Wow, life has been happening in fast forward lately! I have been using my usual time to blog as time to go for a walk. It is getting hot here and I like to get out before it’s too warm for the baby.

I have also been busy in the garden, riding horses, and training at the gym. If only we had more hours in a day!

Another huge thing for me in the summertime is getting baby out for some summer activities. We have a little pool in our yard and she loves it! She also loves  to help me in the garden and with the horses. I love that she has the chance to be outside and exploring the world around her.
As for fitness lately, it has been great! Nutrition has been on track and workouts are on point. I would like to get a little more weight lifting time in but I know that during summer that never happens (and it is ok)! My workouts are consisting of a 3 mile walk in the morning, working horses (yes, this is a great workout for me too), and some at home sets with my weights here. Nutrition has been garden food, lean meat, a few more carbs than usual (just because I wanted them), and lots of fruit and veg.

I will post again soon! I promise i am not leaving you all!


Anne Nicole



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