A glimpse into my day

Trying to get back to my regular blogging schedule! One of my goals this week is to get at least 4 blogs in. I have been changing up my schedule just a bit to try and fit some more things in that I enjoy. However, with wheat harvest in full swing it has been busy around this place! Here is a glimpse of my daily schedule today:

6:00-7:00 a.m. – Ride my Horse

7:00-8:00 a.m. – blog, make breakfast, get baby up.

8:00-9:00 a.m. – Go for a walk

9:00 – 9:30 a.m. – At home workout

9:30-10:00 a.m. – shower, clean up

10:00-11:00 a.m – Book Work for the farm

11:00-12:00 p.m.- make lunch and take it out to our harvest crew (cooking for 5 people, I take it to them in the field so they can keep cutting)

12:00-1:00 p.m. – Clean up the kitchen, get lunch for baby and me.

1:00-3:00 p.m. – nap time for baby. I clean the house, work on some projects I have going on, water everything, weed the garden, pay bills, laundry, etc.

3:00-4:00 p.m. – Have a little fun with baby. We usually go swimming in our pool or color if it’s nasty outside.

4:00-5:30 p.m. – Make dinner for the harvest crew

5:30-7:30 p.m. – Take dinner to the field and hang out with my husband on the semi for awhile. (this is one of the only times we get to hang out during harvest).

7:30-8:30 p.m. – bike ride then get baby ready for bed

9:00 p.m.  – bed time for baby.

9:15 p.m. – clean up the kitchen (again!), pick up toys, shoes, books, and anything else laying around.

9:30 p.m. – husband gets home, we hang out then bed for us!

Like I said, it is busy around harvest time! Cooking meals takes up a lot of time during harvest. I have been doing a great job of balance though! I am making time to get in workouts, riding, and some fun!

“I’m not out there sweating for three hours every day just to find out what it feels like to sweat” – Michael Jordan

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole



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  1. jlstanding says:

    Woah you are one busy woman!

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