June goals are being crushed.

I am only 4 days away from my trip. I have not packed a single thing for baby or me. It also dawned on me that, um… hello, its not going to be 80 degrees when we wake up in Wyoming like it is here. So, Pants. Neither baby or I have worn pants since maybe April. (I’m not saying we walk around naked here, we wear lots of shorts).

Anyways, I tried on my favorite pants yesterday and wow I forgot how good a pair of jeans could make a girl feel. I must say though, mine have gotten tighter than I remember. I am finally getting some gains my booty and my pants showed it. I did the shimmy and shake to get them on (I know you know what I mean). I have some looser jeans for everyday but these were like my going out, impress my husband, look at my butt pair. Honestly I am just pleased that they fit.

Before going to the Mountains I gave myself a little challenge. In the end of May my motivation was lacking and I needed a boost to get me going again. I decided on this:

18 days of consistent work. Mon-Sat, with Sunday as a rest day. Each of the 18 days I will walk 3-5 miles in the morning with the stroller and then do a workout as soon as I get back. I have successfully completed 16 of these days! I have not missed a single workout or walk. I have been eating great (not as part of this goal but for me it just goes along. When I am feeling good, I eat good). My body is showing my workouts. My legs are more toned than they have been in a long time, my abs are showing (yay!), and my upper body is stronger.

Want to know a secret? My workouts have been literally 20-30 minutes at home with just a 15lb kettle bell. That is it! I am not spending hours at the gym because I no longer have hours to spend.

I have the most confidence that I have had since having a baby. My body is finally back to what it was pre baby. I am eating well and feeling well.

40-60 min. walk and 20-30 min workout. That is it.

It does not take 3-4 hours of working out to get amazing results. It takes consistency, good food, and a good mind set.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole



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