Goals for July 

I’m Back! Sorry for the absence of posts lately. I made it to the mountains and I have been out and about! 

The beauty of this place never gets old to me. The hiking is amazing here and it is the best place for a good outdoor workout. Before leaving I completed my 18 days of days of consistent workouts and good eating. I felt amazing once I got here and am leaner than I have been in awhile. For the next 20 days it is all about outdoor workouts, clean food 80/20, and enjoying this place and my family. 

I like to think of my time here as a nice little refresher from daily life. While I still keep up with my fitness (it’s hard not to get out and moving here) I also don’t stress about a missed workout or a day of not so great food. The food is amazing here! I do want to enjoy some! 

So 80/20 food, lots of hiking and less at home workouts, and lots of family time. 

What are your goals this month? 

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful. 


Anne Nicole 


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