Summer Adventures

What an adventurous 20 days it has been! I am still in the Mountains and loving every bit of it (except missing my husband).

Baby and I have been on lots of hikes and have spent lots of time with family.

Last Wednesday (yes, I am that late on posting anything!) we went on a long morning hike up to Delta Lake. Thinking it was going to be a somewhat easy hike, we left at 9:00 a.m. and headed up the trail at a nice pace. I had baby on my back along with our snacks, extra clothes (the weather in the mountains is unpredictable), and all our water.

delta 3.jpg

This picture was taken about half way up. After switchbacking up the mountain for about 2 hours we went off path and headed up some rock beds to reach our destination. WE climbed over three rock beds, under a few trees, over a few trees, and up (straight up) lots of trail. We gained over 3,000 feet in elevation.

This is my all time favorite way to get a good workout in! I am an outdoor girl through and through and these mountains own my soul. The view from the top was amazing! I hope that my baby will learn to love these mountains as much as I have. If I can teach my daughter the peace the outdoors can bring, the love of the wilderness, and the appreciation of what nature brings to us, I will be a happy mom. My heart is so happy when it is up so high. Days spent in the hills are days that are remembered for a lifetime. These days are the days that life is made of.

delta 4.jpg

“I don’t live in the mountains, the mountains live in me”


Anne Nicole


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrew J McNair says:

    Fizz is just so much better with views like that! Love it!


  2. jlstanding says:

    Love that quote at the end


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