My Church 

You would think that after a long time in the mountains we would be at home but instead we are sitting by the lake. Adventuring. These are the kind of things that keep me going. 

On a beautiful Sunday morning so many people are off the the church house. I’ve never really wrote about faith on this blog it today is the day! I woke up with the song salt water gospel in my head, just begging me to write this today. 

Like a lot of people, I am not off to the church this morning. However, this does not mean I do not believe In God. I believe with all my heart in God. I believe church is good and sin is bad. I believe in the bible and I believe in going to “church”. I do also believe that church doesn’t always mean going to an actual church house. 

For me, I am closest to God from the back of my horse. Riding almost every morning I feel like that is when we talk. I feel closest to God when I am almost down with an intense workout. When I am beat down, exhausted, and accomplished. I tend to gravitate towards being spiritual. I like to have God to myself when we talk. Maybe that’s selfish but that’s how it works for me. I like to see all that he has made and feel his horse beneath me when we talk. I do not believe that one must attend a church house to be a Christian. I want my daughter to know that many things can bring her close to God. Faith is a relationship between you and God. Why should you have to prove that? 

My church house is the great outdoors. Adventuring on a Sunday morning is the best way I know to build that relationship. 

 And hey, maybe God likes to be outside too. 


Anne Nicole 


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