Staying the Same

August 15th! I feel like Fall is in there air! Time to put away those summer bodies and get out the fall ones (And no, I don’t mean let yourself go cause it is almost sweater season).

This winter I am bound and determined to keep the shape I have now. I am not looking to gain mass or to lean up, just simply stay the same (I mean I won’t complain if some muscle happens to find its way to my butt). For me, the most important part of ‘staying the same’ is nutrition.

Once Fall hits, we tend to begin cooking more hearty meals. Soups, Chilis, Potatoes, Gravy, More bread, More sweats, and pumpkin everything! I am no stranger to some great Fall cooking, I am just as much of a pumpkin fanatic as the next Mom in Target in September. So how do I stay on track?

Willpower, dedication, and good clean eats!

Pumpkin is a great thing to cook with! Low cal, can be used instead of some oils and flours in baking, and it tastes great. Ok, but enough with the pumpkin.

I also try to make each meal balance (one protein, one veggie, one source of carbs). This for us looks like meat, green beans, red potatoes. Easy, healthy, and can be made in so many different ways!

Another way that I like to stay on track is by making myself a daily schedule. That way I can ‘pen in’ time to workout and time to prepare meals.

Making little goals is another big one for me. I hold myself accountable that way. I do things like workout for 18 days (M-SAT, SUN off). Eat clean for 6 days, one days of treats. This way I am feeling accomplished each day.

What are you doing to stay in shape in the Fall? I would love to hear more ideas!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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