Climbing the next Ridge

I have been looking back at some of my older blog posts this morning. Wow! I began this blog with so much emotion and passion. What happened?!

I had so much to write about a year ago. Getting married, having my first baby, moving to the flatland, and so on. My whole life literally did a turn last year around this time and the emotions that came with that made for perfect writing.

Now, I am still in the flatland, married, raising my daughter, and it seems as if each day is the same. Same routine, same view, same emotion. I liked living in a world of new and unknown. Now everything I do is known. The emotion that once poured through me is now just a little trickle. My soul that once seemed to be on fire has been dimmed to tiny glow.

(Keep reading, it’s not all sad)

We come to so many cross roads in life. Times when we are the top of the peak and then times when we are just beginning the climb. Once we get to one top there always seem to be another ridge in the distance waiting for you to conquer it.

Right now, I am just between the one peak and another. I am climbing and fighting for each victory. I am trying to find a path up my next mountain. Letting my soul be my guide. My passion may not be flowing out of me like it once was but once I find the right path up this hill, I am positive it will come back.

Like it has been said so many times before, the trick is to never give up. Keep fighting and keep climbing. The next victory could be even sweeter than the last!

delta 4

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. McKenna says:

    This is in Wyoming in the Wind Rivers, right? I packed horses and mules up and down the trail to Gannet Peak two summers ago, and still have the photos. The most beautiful backcountry I’ve ever seen!


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