‘Progress, Not Perfection’

“Progress, not perfection”

That has been my motto for this entire month and it is going to stick. It is so easy for me to preach this to my clients and for once, it stuck with me. I have always held myself to a much higher standard than anyone else (And I think to an extent that is absolutely necessary). However, we are human and we are not perfect.

This past two weeks has been full of adventure, happy times, fun, some scary moments, and sadness. The range of emotions has been one end of the scale to the other. My husband and I had a very scary encounter on our anniversary trip, the kind of moment that makes you treasure your each second. Makes you think of how blessed we are to live the life we do. One of those moments. When we got home we had our little filly get cut on her leg for the second time (she is accident prone, she must be a good horse). She will be just fine, it is just hard to take. A few days after that incident, my childhood horse passed away. Like I said, emotions like crazy! However, it hasn’t all been sad.

I have been killing it working out and eating great foods. It is my all time favorite time of the year. My motivation is sky high.

I have been searching for the good in each day. The positive. The things that make you smile.

“this too shall pass”

September is a month of change in the season, change in the feel in the air, change in the mood, the colors, the foods, and a month of physical and emotional change for me. It has most definitely been for the better. While not always easy, change can always bring about good. The soul needs change to grow.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole



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