Date time, What does a fit girl wear?

These past few weekends have been a little less than easy on the abs! However, I would not trade them for the best six pack around. My husband and I have spent the last three weekends together getting in some alone time before harvest starts.

With all this date time, I have had to pick a lot of ‘date outfits’. This my friends, is something I struggle with! In the past few years I changed my wardrobe multiple times. It has came from college girl (real classy outfits, as you can assume), to maternity wear (uck, just uck), and now to getting my body back, stay at home mom, farm wife wear (lots of fitness clothes and work jeans).

So what do I wear on my date? Well, the first weekend of September was our anniversary and Tyler took me out to an amazing steak house in the city. For this I wore a simple soft cream tank with a olive skirt and some nice heels. I love to put on heels and show off my legs. I am very confident in the way they look so it is a nice way for me to feel beautiful. Underneath I had on a nice tee bra with a razorback and some lacy panties (I am not too crazy when it comes to this date stuff. But, Adore Me has done great options for intimates! Here is their link: This is really dressing up for us!

The next weekend was a concert out in the dirt and that was a no brainer! Jeans, boots, and a loose whiteblouse with a cut out back (picture is of another similiar night). This is my go to look for most all of my dates! Maybe not the fanciest, but it is the look that I feel most ‘at home’ in. remember, we live in the country.

This past weekend we hit up the dunes in the RZR (yes, thats a date for us). In fact, it is one of our favorite places to go to get away for the weekend. This weekend was all jeans, shorts, tees, and sneakers. I wore a tight tank one day and my husband complimented me saying, ‘you should definitely wear that more often’. So, I felt amazing all weekend!

Part of feeling sexy for me is enjoying my own skin, picking clothes that I feel comfortable in, and clothes that fit whatever adventure we are going on! I work so hard to be ‘fit’ and it is nice to show off that hard work.

What is your ideal date wear? I would love to hear from you!

I am strong. I m capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. jlstanding says:

    I couldn’t agree more – sexy is about how you feel! I love just wearing leggings and throwing some plaid on – maybe heels if I’m feeling fancy but I’m usually happiest in my boots lol!

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