On Wednesdays, We Get a Treat

Is it only Wednesday? I feel like it should be Friday! This week is one of those that is creeping by. I should take this as a blessing and enjoy the moments but somedays it’s tough. Somedays I just want that feeling of release on Friday. I am a stay at home mom and fitness trainer, it’s not like  get to leave a job or anything but I still always feel great on Fridays.

So why can’t we feel that great all week? Well, for most, work gets in the way! We may not be able to mirror the ‘friday feeling’ all week long but we can do a few things to help the week be more enjoyable! Here are a few of my favorite tricks!

  1. Begin each day with something that makes you smile. Maybe a quick workout, good coffee, conversation, a run, listening to a show. Anything!
  2. Get fresh air. For some, sitting in an office all day is reality. Take your break time to get outside and set some sun! Even on a rainy day, this will help you stay happier and have more energy.
  3. Get moving throughout the day. Take a walk on your lunch, do a quick workout set at break time, anything to get your body up and moving a little. This will boost energy levels and keep you going all day strong!
  4. On Wednesday, get a treat! You have been eating good all week (I know you have) and you deserve a little boost. Walk over to the nearest coffee shop and grab a treat or treat yourself to some frozen yogurt. Been eyeing a cute shirt, buy it today! Keep it simple but still make it feel special.
  5. Don’t give in on Friday! You have made it through the entire week being healthy, don’t give it all up on Friday. Start the weekend off feeling amazing by staying on track through Friday! You don’t want to begin your weekend in a slug.

Go out and make today amazing!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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