So…I’m dating a new workout

So….I started doing Piyo.

This is certainly not my ‘type’ when it comes to picking a workout. I like to look at picking workouts much like picking men. I like one that is going to make me stronger, more confident, make me sweat, and give me a run for my money. A country farm boy, perhaps. But, I also like a sweet little reward every now and again (increased energy, more muscle, chocolate, beer..ha).

Piyo is more of a city man. It is all about being long, lean, paying attention to detail, and yet still getting a little sweaty.

I am used to heavy weights and calluses. I like to feel like a beast in the gym. I like to feel like a beast when I am with my man, like a pretty, smell good, fit little beast.

Piyo makes me feel more like a little dainty fairy. Like someone could come and snap me (but of course due to those insane piyo muscle endurance sets, My legs would never snap)! Piyo is the man who wants to take you to the library or out for coffee. Not the man who is going to take you skydiving.

But I am learning that sometimes a little coffee break is nice!

Piyo gives me time to really get into my body and reconnect with my muscles. This kind of man gives me the sweat I desire and yet still lets you relax. It is therapy for my otherwise overworked brain.

I am still hitting the heavy weights but I will for sure keep doing my Piyo. I love the sense of body control that I get!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole

P.S. Want to find your own type? Contact me at and I can find you just the right type of workout to fill your deepest desires!


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