I am Learning

It has been awhile since I have talked about my goals as far as my body goes. I have always had a nice figure but we all want to change something. Since having a baby I have been trying to get back ‘in shape’. I am in shape. I am happy with my exact shape. I am learning so much more from this transformation though.

I am finding that as I get to a point of reaching body goals, there are so many emotions that keep coming out. I am re-learning to love my outer being after having a child (For any one who says it is not that different, it is! Ladies, give it some time. I am 1.5 years post baby). I am learning the people love me at any body shape. I am learning confidence in my abilities. I am also learning how to teach my daughter about the importance of staying healthy, real food, and balance. I am learning that I don’t want my daughter to ever look at her body and feel anything but complete appreciation for what it can do. I am learning that I am the example by which she will form her opinions of herself. I am learning that sometimes my husband needs a wife he can cry on instead of one he can compare muscles with. I am learning that being a wife is so much more than just having the man of your dreams. I am learning that giving up control can be the best release of negative energy. I am learning that a smile goes a long ways. I am learning that my body can take me to amazing places but I must treat it with great care. I am learning that facing fear is a good thing.

I am learning.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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