Today is about living

I re-read this today and I needed it! This is what life needs to be about. This is the attitude I am striving for this month. This is a glimpse of the end goals of my ‘No complain November’ Challenge. I wrote this in August and it is still so perfect for today and each day!

Nutrient Dense Cowgirl

I woke up today and headed straight outside for my morning workout of working my horses. As i was watching the sunrise above the horizon line, I knew today was going to be a good one. Starting the day with something I love is always  good choice. Yes, it is hard somedays to pull myself out of bed early but I can sleep later. Today is about living.

Did you get that, Today is about living. I mean really living. Not just existing, going through the motions, same ol thing. I mean living a life that you can tell stories about. Living out your dreams. Going and doing something that you truly love. Today is about taking steps to becoming who you truly are. Being the healthiest, liveliest, best version of yourself.

Go out today and live. Post in the comments and tell me what did!

I am strong. I…

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