Motivation Through the Holidays

This is my favorite time of the year. Lots of spirit, baked goods, coffee, cooler weather, and beautiful souls come out in all forms. There is so much good that comes from a few months of cheer.

However, the gym does not share this same feel at this time of year.  People are ready for a break, ready to break their healthy nutrition plans, and emotional. I have seen this with each of my clients this past week and I see it every year! Staying motivated though the fall/early winter can be tough! Emotions sometimes over ride our bodies around now. Stress for some can play a role and mental will power for others.

So how do I keep my clients going through this?

  1. Breakdown. I tell them to come in with baggage and leave it all on the gym floor. I work them a littler harder and get to a point of breaking down, venting, letting it all out. Removing the weight from their shoulders.
  2. Making goals. Giving them something to strive for over the next month and a half. Give them a reason to come to the gym. I do the same for myself.
  3. Trying new workouts. I do workouts we have never done before. Try new ways of moving the body. Figure out what they want to come do. Again, I do the same for myself.
  4. Giving a day of pilates/yoga. still hard, still work, but with a relaxation feel. Time to mentally reset and stretch those muscles.
  5. Refresh. I tell my clients to go outside of they gym and find a hobby. Do something that makes them smile, makes them feel good. Something that can take their mind away for awhile. For me personally, this is hiking. I go to the top of the mountain and find myself. I release my soul and let my worries subside. Everyone needs a release and refresh!
  6. Go outside! yes, it can be chilly this time of year but the air is so good for you! WE tend to get less sun this time of year and it makes us all a little grumpy. 30 minutes to and hour outside each day can do you wonders! Go for a walk, read a book outsides, play with the dogs, walk around the stores, anything!

Most importantly, do what works for you. Do what makes your soul happy. Do what you feel is in the best intentions of your health and well-being.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole

P.S. No Complain November is in full swing! I must admit though, I have complained. I have caught myself a few times. This is much harder than I originally thought it to  be. You would be amazed at the little tiny crap that gets complained about.

I will say, I am feeling pretty great! Even making a great effort to not complain is a huge step in a good direction. I am stopping myself when I hear a complaint in my head and rethinking the way i am seeing the situation. Progress!




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