The Day After

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with yummy food, family, and laughs! I hope you all ate till your hearts content and enjoyed each minute of it. I hope you filled your plates without counting your macros. I hope you ate one cookie and went back for another.

Holidays are a break. A time of joy and love and togetherness. You have every other day to be on track. It is perfectly OK to enjoy a day of just relaxing and eating fattening foods. Give yourself a little slack over the next few days as well.

Just take the time to enjoy these moments, they pass all too quickly.

Get out and walk around the block. Take that time to have a meaningful conversation with a loved one. Play with the kids in the yard. Laugh until our belly aches. But please do not do 1,000 burpees because you think it will burn off that pie. Don’t punish yourself for being a normal person. Don’t punish your body or your mind with senseless acts just to stay on track. I promise, you can be on track next week. And I promise you will not lose that much progress.

“Never get so busy making your living that you forget to live your life”

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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