Awkward Season

We are in the grind between Holidays. The time that we stay on track at the gym but then we head home and eat 5 christmas cookies. The time when we are thinking about next years resolutions and swearing that cookies will have no place in the new year. The time of year when our motivation to think about changing ourselves is very high and the motivation to actually do (till after the 1st) is very low.  Your protein shake turned into egg nog and your counting fruit cake as salad.

Don’t fear. We are in this together. Tis the season for a little more balance between treats, going out, the gym, and nutrition. This is the Awkward season. The season of being so ready to hit next years goals but patiently waiting for Jan. 1st. The season of ‘lets finish this year off on the right track’ and ‘I always have next year’.

I try to keep my goals in mind this time of year. I also let myself have treats or I go crazy. I do a lot of Christmas baking with my mom and it is the only time of year I get her cooking. So ya, I eat it. And it is ok! There is no need to punish yourself. There is no need to do 1,000 burpees after eating your pie. You will still be beautiful in the morning, I promise!

Enjoy this awkward season. Enjoy the treats. Enjoy your gym time. Enjoy walks with Christmas lights. Enjoy your family/friend time.

Sometimes  we get so caught up in trying to make our gym life perfect that we forget we have a real life too.

What’s your advice for the awkward season?

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. jlstanding says:

    Awkward season is such a great way of putting it! I definitely at times feel pulled in two directions. But yes, it is important to let go and enjoy life a little right?


  2. “What’s your advice for the awkward season?”

    That people can enjoy everything about it without stepping outside their caloric limits. It just requires a little more discipline and a little more tweaking. I urge people to remember that true change is hard, and it is a year-round endeavor.

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