Grocery Shopping 101

As promised, I am going to be sharing my Nutrition classes on my here! Our second class is tonight and we are going to be talking about how to grocery shop, what to do with your groceries, meal prep, and some recipes.

Keep in mind, this is only the outline.

Grocery Shopping:

  1. Clean out the refrigerator and pantry before going.
  2. Make sure all your dishes are cleaned and the kitchen is also.
  3. Go at a time when you can spend some time.
  4. plan your weeks meals before you go. Bring a list and stick to it. Be sure you have baggies or glass containers to store you food in at at home or on your list!

Now that you are at the store:

  1. Head straight for the fruits and veg. Fill your cart with what you need from here before putting anything else in.
  2. Next, go around the outskirts of the store, not into a single aisle yet! So you get your:

A. Dairy: REad labels! Go for least processed and no artificial additives.

B. Meat: Whole sources (Whole muscle meats)

3. After you have made a lap around the entire outskirts you can go into the aisle.

A. only go into the aisles if you need to (have specific foods on your list)

B. Read every label! If it came through a lab before you, say no.

C. Try to stick to whole food sources (beans, rice, Frozen veg.)

D. Stick to your list! This is an easy area to buy stuff that we do not need or be tempted by snack items.

I Got my Food, Now what?

  1. put away your pantry items first.
  2. boil some eggs while you put away the rest.
  3. have a snack drawer in your fridge ready and cleaned. Prepare snack size portions as you unload your groceries. Make healthy snacks also. (Cut up veg and fruit and portion out into baggies, cheese, olives, etc.)
  4. Cook some meat and veg now or for dinner tonight and cook a lot!

A. fill containers with the meat and vegetables for the week ahead.

Steps to avoid processed Junk:

*Read Labels (if it doesn’t have one, great!)

*Watch out for foods are are not found in their natural state (canned, bagged, boxed). They tend to be full of preservatives and additives.

  1. make a small swap at each meal. (flavored creamer in your coffee for milk and spice)
  2. Clean out your fridge and pantry of over processed items. As you do this, write down a healthy swap or recipe for each item.
  3. Swap ‘enriched, bleached’ flours with a whole grain, unenriched unbleached option
  4. kick the sugar to the curb. Swap it with honey.
  5. Check your Dairy. Some types are super processed (American cheese slices). Try to go for Organic diary and avoid any low fat options.

Ready to go shopping now?! What is some of your best shopping advice?

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. These are great tips. Cleaning out the fridge is especially good. (good reminder for me!) Grocery shopping isn’t something most people give much thought to, but so important.

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