While teaching a class on nutrition a few days ago I got asked if I do cheat days. I answered with a quick response but felt like I needed to go into more detail to really explain my thoughts on ‘cheating’.

I have wrote about it before from a gym standpoint (Where you are on a restrictive diet with body composition goals) but never just for everyday life. So here is my answer to Do I cheat:

There is no such thing.

When I am teaching nutrition I always try to change people outlook on food. Starting with the way we think of food. Nutrition is a form of fuel for our bodies, a source of energy, and nourishment.

I eat the way I do because it is how our bodies were designed to be fueled: BY REAL, HONEST, LIVE FOOD. I am not on a diet or restricting myself. I am not trying to prove anything to anybody. I am not avoiding white processed bread because it is the cool thing to do. I am eating to be healthy. Food is my medicine, my nourishment, and my health care. 

I eat REAL food. I do not like putting processed, lab made, foods into my body. Think of it this way: If the doctor gave you a pill that would cure your allergies would you take it home and dump out half the capsule and fill it with something you are allergic to? No! That would make you sick.

So why would you eat REAL, HONEST foods and get your body running in prime health and condition and then put in a bunch of chemicals just to see if they still taste ok?

Sure, there are days when I do not eat as well as others (I enjoyed lots of my moms homemade treats over the holidays). However, it is still just eating. There is nothing to beat myself up over or worry about. What I am trying to say is, The food you eat should be eaten as a form of personal care. We don’t all have perfect diets just like we do not all have perfect gym schedules or get to stretch each day. But we make a conscious effort.

I think of each meal, perfect or a little less than, as nourishment, energy, and self respect.

What are your thoughts on this? I would love to here some more ideals on how we eat and the way we look at food as a society.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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