Nutriton #4: Myths of Nutrition

“The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”

Nutrition #4: Myths & Facts (Keep in mind this is just the outline)

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  1. You should skip breakfast if you now lunch will be a big meal. Myth.

*Skipping meals only slows your metabolism and tends to end in overeating. Eat regular meals beforehand and then a regular portion at your ‘big meal’. Take the rest home or try to fit the big meal in on a reset day of carb cycling.

2. Protein is Protein, no matter the source. Fact but False.

*Protein in most whole foods come into our bodies in complex structures (secondary, tertiary, quaternary) however, since we break them into peptides and amino acids (building blocks of muscle tissue) we evaluate a protein based on its amino acid content.

A. Powders: Concentrate, Isolates, Casein, Hydroisolates.

  • Concentrate: absorbed at a moderate pace. Good between Meals. 70-80% Protein and 20-30% Carb and fat. Gainer Protein.
  • Isolate: Rapidly absorbed. Good post workout to refuel muscles. 90% Protein 10% carbs and fat. Has undergone cross-flow micro-filtration.
  • Hydrolysates: Protein that is pre-digested. Broken down further for faster digestion.
  • B.Do you research! Find a protein that fits your needs and has good ingredients. Always read the label and check for amino content, sugar or artificial sweeteners, and unnecessary additives.
  1. Protein from whole food sources should be the main protein source for any diet. I suggest taking body weight x.8-1 or active women and 1-1.3 for active men to see how many grams you will need each day.
  2. Salad is always the best option at a restaurant. Myth.
  3. Most salads come with a lot of toppings. Anything like croutons, cheese, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, etc. also come with a lot of added carbs and fats. Most have added sugar or salt also.
  4. Find a salad with veggie and/or protein style topping instead and always ask for your dressing on the side so you can control your portion.
  5. I often opt for grilled lean meat and veg. instead at a restaurant and ask for it cooked without oils. Lots of protein and fiber!
  6. Eating right is a diet. Myth.
  7. The second you say you are on a diet, you are on track to fail. Don’t let your mind trick you! Diet says, ‘restrictive, boring, no flavor, etc.’
  8. Eating right is just a lifestyle. I never have to give up foods because I am not on a diet. I just eat healthy.

5 Things you need to know about your food

  1. Where junk food is, disease is.
  2. Natural doesn’t equal healthy. (Think agave, higher fructose than sugar!)
  3. Refined oils are terrible. Tend to be full of trans fat. Their chemical structure is foreign to the body. (stick to EVOO, butter, Coconut oil)
  4. If the package has to tell you it is healthy in 10 places, then it probably is not healthy. Adding a little vitamins to a bowl of sugar (cereal) does not make it a good choice.
  5. Food has the power to heal you body from the inside out
  6. A.Eczema – can be healed with the proper diet.
  7. B.ADD/ADHD – Substantial improvement when processed foods and dyes are removed.
  8. C. Immune system
  9. D. Acne
  10. E. Headaches
  11. F. Seasonal colds/flus/allergies.


I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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