5 Things you should know about your food


  1. Where there is junk food, there is disease. The additives in junk food and fast food have a huge impact on our bodies. They can change our mood, our energy levels, give us headaches, and so much more. Junk food is highly made up of items that are ‘food like’ but not actually food. Take coke for instance, it had around 10tsp of sugar. That is enough to make your body vomit. However, there is phosphoric acid in there so you don’t. Or a fast food milkshake, there are around 50 chemicals to make a flavoring like strawberry. Our bodies are simply not made for digesting chemicals and artificial foods and they will react (Diabetes, heart problems, acne, eczema). Stick to REAL, WHOLE FOODS!
  2. Natural doesn’t equal healthy. According to the FDA, there are not a lot of regulations on what foods can be labeled natural and what can not (They are considering changing this). The food can’t have artificial flavorings but it can be injected with other chemicals. When picking foods, go with what you know to be good. Think about if your grocery cart has a higher percentage of actually food that was alive at some point in time or a higher percentage of items that came off a conveyor belt.
  3. Refined oils are never ok. Think Vegetable oil or crisco here. The way they refine these oils if very unnatural to our bodies. These oils can be bleached, treated with acid, and deodorized during the refining process. During the process rancid polyunsaturated fats are made and the oil we eat is oxidized into trans fat. The odor is so foul when making these that they clean it up with bleach. Stick to EVOO, real butter, bacon grease, and coconut oil.
  4. If the package has to tell you it is healthy in 10 places, it most likely is not healthy. Think cereal here. All those added vitamins, minerals, and whole grains! It must not be too bad, right? Wrong! It is just a box full of sugar and cheap ingredients. Adding a few vitamins (which are man made, not natural and don’t digest like a real vitamin) will not make it healthy. Same goes for any ‘diet’ food. They have taken out anything that was real and replaced it with artificial ingredients. While they may be lower calorie, the nutrient density is very poor! Our bodies need fuel that has some actual susbstance to it. Stick to REAL, WHOLE foods!
  5. Food has the power to heal you from the inside out. Take it from a girl who has struggled her whole life with severe asthma (due to a horse allergy and I am always on horses, so this is a daily struggle). If I eat a lot of processed food, my asthma is worse. If I eat real food, my asthma is much better. It took me a long time to figure it all out but I am learning! Nutrition is one of my most potent tools against allergies and asthma. Food is our greatest form of medicine. Before running off to the doctor for the latest greatest drug, try changing your diet. There is huge change in conditions such as: Ezcema, allergies, ADD/ADHD (take our food dyes and processed food and you kid probably won’t need those drugs), Diabetes, arthritis, headaches, and the list could literally go on forever! When we give our bodies a good base, we set ourselves up for success. We can’t possibly think our bodies are going to run efficiently on food like items that were not intended to ever be digested. Our systems are made to digest REAL foods.

Try it out! Give it a month of REAL, WHOLE, foods. Foods that were alive at some point in time. Foods that came from a field or pasture. Foods that have made contact with dirt.

Think about what you are really putting into your body. Want health? start with un-processing your diet! People always say, ‘yea that is true’ but never act on it. This is something that has a huge impact on the quality of your life, so act on it!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. Hi Anne Nicole, I’ve made the decision to really look into my nutrition and what I’m putting into my body so I’m finding your posts really helpful! xx


  2. Kilee Amborski says:

    Anne! I love your blog, but feel like I just don’t know where to start or how to switch our family from everything we are used to buying because it is fast and simple to change our whole lifestyle. I am wondering if you would be willing to write about this or help me with some weekly meal planning ideas to integrate this new way of living and eating into our family and busy lifestyle?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course! I am so glad you like it. I can help you out for sure. I’ll write about it this week and put some meal ideas up!


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