Steps To a Healthier Family

Something I get asked weekly is, ‘where do I begin in making changes to have a healthier family, more balanced nutrition, and better workout schedule’. So I have decided to do a series of post of just that! I want others families to be able to have the balanced nutrition and exercise they deserve without feeling like they are breaking the bank or giving up family time.

Steps to becoming a crunchy momma: #1 Where to even begin

This morning I saw this quote and it instantly popped out to me. ‘one day you will realize how much beauty you have inside of you; how much capacity and light and strength, and one day you will realize how many people you could make a difference in the lives of if you stopped comparing your life with someones else’s and really really truly embraced yourself and activated all you were meant to be’. 

I knew exactly what I was blogging about today and I knew that I needed to start reaching my full potential in helping others. I have a passion for health and nutrition that goes beyond skin deep.

So Step #1: Start Believing in yourself and your strengths.  How does this help you family get healthy? Well, knowing that you are a strong, capable mom/dad is half the battle. Having a positive mindset will take you to new levels and will ultimately give your kids confidence. In fitness you always hear that diet is 70% and workout is 30% and it is so true! However, I think of it like this: Mindset 60%, Diet 30%, workout 10%.

Step #2: Start small and go up from there. You can’t go un-processed and all natural in a day. It takes time and small change. I am going to lay out a week of small change for you!

  • Day 1: As you go through your day, write down all the processed foods you eat that day or foods that your kids have eaten. This is a good beginning point on knowing what needs to change. Also on day one, write down your daily schedule, down time, bedtime, etc.
  • Day 2: Eliminate at least one processed food and don’t look back! A good one for a lot of people is exchanging coffee creamer for milk and some spices. coffee Creamer is super processed and full of nasty gunk! Milk and spice, not so much!
  • Day 3: Begin a little movement. My suggestion is Tabata. It will accelerate you all day! This is just one 4 minute set! 4 minutes, that is it! Pick one or two exercises, lets say, push ups and jumping jacks. 20sec: Pushups, rest 10, 20sec Jumping jacks, rest 10. 20 sec push up, rest 10. 20 sec jumping jacks, rest 10. And so on for 4 minutes! Do it before your shower or maybe on your lunch break (or both is you are feeling feisty)! And again on day 3, eliminate another processed food. I suggest white bread. You can make it yourself so easy or go to ezekiel bread!
  • Day 4: Try a new food! Pick a new veggie or seed and see how your family reacts. Suggestion: chia seed pudding (1TBSP chia seeds, 1/4-1/2 c. milk of any kind, a dab of honey, and any spice you like. mix and put in fridge for 1 hr to a day. I will gel like pudding and tastes amazing! Unprocessed, kid friendly, can be flavored anyway, and chia seeds are a super food. Never go back to pudding cups or jello).
  • Day 5: Talk to your significant other. Make sure you are both on board with your new lifestyle. If one side of the equation is not in it, it is very hard to find a balance! Explain that it will be a slow change, a change for the better, and may cost more now but will ultimately keep you all healthier, eliminate many doctor bills, and give you all the boost of energy you so badly need! And again on this day, try to swap out a processed food for something more natural. Suggestion: Get rid of your crisco, veg. oil, or margarine and invest in high quality olive oil, coconut oil, and real butter! Don’t forget your 4 minute workout!
  • Day 6: Grocery Shopping time. I wrote a great post on this, you can click here to read it! By day 6 you should be inspired to make better choices. You should have a good list of whole, real foods by this time. Try new things! Again on this day, swap a processed food for a better option. Suggestion: American cheese slices or velveeta for real cheese! Also, keep those tabatas going!
  • Day 7: Get outside! Bundle up and take the family out for a walk or play tag in the yard. Staying active is a family affair! Get everyone out for some fresh air and healthy movement. When you are done you can come in and enjoy some of your new treats!

This is just the tip of the iceberg! I will keep this series going and hopefully answer some of your questions along the way! If anyone has anything they want me to cover, just let me know!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole



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